My Guide to Inversion Therapy: Should I Try It?

My Guide to Inversion Therapy Should I Try It

Keen to know the ins and outs of it? There have been several methods of inverting the body, to defy the effects of gravity, which have been tried out over the past few decades. As scary as it sounds, there are tons of benefits for placing your feet higher than your head. Take people with back pain, for example.

Study has shown that, with the use of an inversion table, the stress on your spine reduces significantly as it lengthens out and you witness a reduction in muscle activities.

Assuming this study is true and well researched, there should be countless anti-gravitational advantages to help heal muscle spasms and aid the spine. Regular inversion can heal many spinal conditions in the long run. Sounds exciting, right? Continue reading “My Guide to Inversion Therapy: Should I Try It?” »

10 Awesome Foods That Will Boost Fat Loss

As you are no doubt aware, eating the right diet and exercising on a regular basis are the main keys for slimming down. It really is as simple as that.

However, while exercising is typically a straight forward procedure, the topic of what you should eat often brings about confusion and frustration. Let’s face it, there are so many diets and meal plans out there that it can be difficult to know which way to turn, and will most probably leave you with the question…what are the foods that will boost weight loss?

Treating Yourself Is Okay

Firstly, before we take a closer look at these fat burning foods, it’s important to note that going on a diet doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, many experts recommend that you treat yourself every now and again to keep your motivation levels strong so you are able to stay on course for your goals.

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This means that eating junk such as pizza, hamburgers, and fries is okay, as long as you only do every now and again and in small quantities. Continue reading “10 Awesome Foods That Will Boost Fat Loss” »

Master The 3 Day Military Diet And Lose Weight Easily

You should know that excess weight will lead to various kinds of health complications. Therefore, it is important to manage balanced figure. However, in order to maintain optimum fitness level, you should take in nutritious food which is free from various kinds of fats and fat causing agents. Good lifestyle, exercises and sound sleep patterns are crucial factors that will let you maintain your optimum figure as well as you will prevent body fat storage.

Due to the busy lifestyle and exposure to various kinds of pollution causing elements, it is very important to undertake a special planned approach to your daily meal plan so that weight reduction will happen in an effortless way. Military Diet is a kind of size reduction program which is very efficient in shedding the excess fat. You will achieve body of your dreams and you will enjoy great health benefits as well.

So, What Is This Diet All About?

The 3 Day DietThis is a special program in which you will eat in a disciplined way and this will result in losing body size quickly. It is also called as ‘3 Day Diet’. That means ‘3 Days ON and 4 Days OFF’ eating plan. Mainly, you will take low calorie meals and various compatible foods which will enhance the overall fat burning process that will happen in your body.

Although its main focus is on fat reduction, it is true that your body will be shaped in a realistic manner so that it is possible to undertake various kinds of activities as a soldier. Its special kind of food and exercises are part of a training program that is done so that muscular figure can be developed in the future. It is not only your body that will become very active in the provision of this specialized nutritional and exercising regimen but your mind as well. Continue reading “Master The 3 Day Military Diet And Lose Weight Easily” »