Master The 3 Day Military Diet And Lose Weight Easily

You should know that excess weight will lead to various kinds of health complications. Therefore, it is important to manage balanced figure. However, in order to maintain optimum fitness level, you should take in nutritious food which is free from various kinds of fats and fat causing agents. Good lifestyle, exercises and sound sleep patterns are crucial factors that will let you maintain your optimum figure as well as you will prevent body fat storage.

Due to the busy lifestyle and exposure to various kinds of pollution causing elements, it is very important to undertake a special planned approach to your daily meal plan so that weight reduction will happen in an effortless way. Military Diet is a kind of size reduction program which is very efficient in shedding the excess fat. You will achieve body of your dreams and you will enjoy great health benefits as well.

So, What Is This Diet All About?

The 3 Day DietThis is a special program in which you will eat in a disciplined way and this will result in losing body size quickly. It is also called as ‘3 Day Diet’. That means ‘3 Days ON and 4 Days OFF’ eating plan. Mainly, you will take low calorie meals and various compatible foods which will enhance the overall fat burning process that will happen in your body.

Although its main focus is on fat reduction, it is true that your body will be shaped in a realistic manner so that it is possible to undertake various kinds of activities as a soldier. Its special kind of food and exercises are part of a training program that is done so that muscular figure can be developed in the future. It is not only your body that will become very active in the provision of this specialized nutritional and exercising regimen but your mind as well.

What is more, there is a difference between the training given to army personnel and weight reduction undertaken through this type of eating plan. However, both plans are intended to get in shape in a quick succession. By following the strict nutritional guidelines, it will let you shed 10 pounds per week.

Meal Plan & Timetable

In order to get excellent results, you should not take more than 1500 calories per day. Artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all cost as they will have an adverse impact on the fat loss. However, there are certain sweeteners that you can take even while on ‘Military Diet’ which will be discussed below.

More precisely, if you multiply your current weight by 12, the resultant figure will be the number of calories that you will burn per day. You will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner while on this plan. However, there will be room for snacks as well. What might be pleasant to know is the fact that there are a number of menu items that you can select for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

For breakfast you can choose one of the many numbers of available items including:

  • Yogurt Parfait,
  • Cheerful morning,
  • Egg on toast,
  • Bagel and lox,
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal,
  • Banana & honey smoothie,
  • Pear and Almond butter toast or
  • Walnut waffles and berries.

For lunch, you can select one of these meals that are listed below:

  • Mediterranean Plate,
  • Veggie Lunch,
  • Tuna Walnut Greens,
  • Vegetarian Quesadilla,
  • Black bean wrap or
  • chicken salad pita.

For dinner, you can pick anything listed below:

  • BBQ Black bean burger and slaw,
  • Hot-peanut chicken wraps,
  • Shrimp and zucchini pasta,
  • Sushi,
  • Black bean and zucchini Quesadilla,
  • Florentine Goat cheese flat-bread,
  • Shrimp together with fried brown rice,
  • Cheese & artichoke pizza with side salad or
  • Cajun chicken with rice.

The following snacks can be selected to fill in the blanks. They are ideal to be taken in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. These include:

  • Fruit and nut snack,
  • 1 cup carrot sticks with 3 tablespoons of hummus,
  • 12-oz latte and 1 clementine or mandarin orange,
  • 1 banana with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter,
  • 1 cup of plain yogurt with 1 cup mixed berries,
  • 1/2 ounce raisins and 2 tablespoons soy nuts,
  • 14 almonds and an apple,
  • 100-calorie mini bag popcorn,
  • 3 cups air popped popcorn or
  • 1 apple and 22 pistachios.

Any two items listed above can be selected as snacks per each day.


Meal Plan Substitutions are meant for people who are not well versed with certain kinds of food items. If this is your case, you can switch over to alternatives so that you can implement the plan in letter and spirit.

You should be aware of the fact that the nutritional supplements that you eat will make the difference but not the quantity of meals that you will take. Therefore, it is crucial to observe your daily caloric intake so that the weight reduction will happen as planned.

  • Breakfast - Instead of taking orange, you can go for grapefruit. Care should be taken that the extracted output will not exceed the desired chemical composition. Instead of toast, you can go for cereals or sunflower seeds. Instead of peanut butter, you can go for almond butter. There are various alternatives for peanut butter. Instead of coffee, you can go for either green tea or any other energy drink.
  • Lunch - As part of lunch, Tuna can be replaced with tofu or cotton cheese. Instead of canned tuna, you can go for sushi grade raw tuna. Toast and coffee can be replaced with first day food.
  • Dinner - As part of dinner substitutions, you can go for mushrooms in place of meat. Tomatoes can replace green beans. Kiwi fruit or apple or apricots can be taken in place of bananas. Instead of pears and plums, you can go for apples. Yogurts and apple juice can be replaced with Vanilla Ice Cream.

You should change the menu on a daily basis in 3 days that you will eat, no problem. By taking various kinds of meals, the body will get all kinds of nutrients. You will not compromise on your health in spite of adaptation of a vigorous dieting plan.

What Sweeteners Are Good For Military Diet

As part of the Army dieting, it is required to cut down the intake of sweeteners. In this process selection of sweeteners should be done in a careful way. There are a number of artificial sweeteners on the market. However, you should take care and choose those that should not lead to side effects as you do not want end up with any health complications. Some kinds of sweeteners are likely to promote fat creation and storage in your body others may be risky to the health of your liver and they may lead to cancer as well.

While you are under low calorie food intake, you can depend on Stevia. As an alternative to artificial sweeteners, it will enrich your taste buds with natural sweetness. It is a herb available in South America and it was in use since time immemorial. What is great about this natural plant is the fact that it does not have any calories in its sweet leaves. They do not register any glycemic index and they are free from carbohydrates as well.

What is more, Stevia is available in form of a powder and it can be used without any potential health complications. Its taste is sweeter than natural sugar and you can get it at various drug stores. However, it is more expensive than normal sugar. With regards to this low calorie regimen, you can use Stevia any times. While on off-days, you can switch things up and go for honey and maple syrup.

When you decide to go for natural sources of sweet flavour you can make the most of your Military Diet as you will take advantage of their  antioxidants as well as vitamins that will improve your overall health.

What To Eat During 4 Days Off

It is important to maintain a low calorie meals even on off days and you should drink plenty of water. By undertaking the 3 day diet, your metabolism will be revived and you will be able to shed excess weight in an effortless manner. However, you will not fast on remaining 4 days of the week. During these days, you should limit the intake of food to 1500 calories per day.

If you take meal which will be less than the calories that you will burn on a daily basis, you will not add fat to your body during the non-dieting days. This was revealed by the creator of the plan. If you restrict your daily intake to the above mentioned limit (or less), you will be able to shed some pounds on a continuous basis (Although you do not have to). As a matter of fact, no exercising is suggested. However, if you do physical exercises, you are likely to burn much more stored calories.

If you visit the 3-day diet website, you will be able to pick the most appropriate food for the remaining 4 days of the week. You will come across the off-day meal plans and these plans are intended to further enhance the dieting program. The very purpose of dieting should not be defeated by eating any food items during off-days that we want. You should take breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for two times as suggested on the website. You will not track calories in these days and the choice of meals will be greater.

It is recommended to drink lots of water while following this plan. You should be strict about drinking mostly pure water as other drinks are full on sugar. If you want to drink coffee, you can go for it without adding sweeteners (Or add just Stevia). However, it is not recommended to drink more than 10 calories (Remember that water has none!).

Results Of Followers

By undertaking this plan, it is possible to shed 10 pounds of fat per week. The popularity of this plan is well spread through online networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and other social sites. People from all age groups are embracing the new formula so that their fat loss will happen at a great pace.

What is more, this plan has yielded wonderful results. There are a number of living witnesses who were able to get skinnier in an effortless manner and very quickly. If you implement physical exercises together with the Military Diet, the results will soon become visible. As mentioned above, if you do not like the food items due to various reasons, you can substitute them with other equivalents. These items are presented on the website.

Most of the people who shed the weight through this plan feel that they were able to contain their hunger pangs. They were not tempted to eat as often and as much as they were used to. And this will happen even to you if you decide to join them. You will eat less than the normal caloric intake after implementing this dietary plan. As long as you stick to it, you will observe quick changes to your body and there will be a great peace of mind. Last but not least, the fat loss was achieved by most of the people without any additional negative side effects.

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Additional Tips For Making The 3 Day Diet Work For You

  • Even though exercising is not required as part of the Military Diet, you can undertake walking for 20 minutes per day. In this process, the blood circulation will improve. The lungs capacity and heart efficiency will increase. By walking in the park, you will breathe fresh air and your mind will be diverted from daily stress as well. Instead of sitting within the four walls, you should socialize as well. There will be a great impact on your overall health if you will entertain both your body as well as mind.
  • If you are suffering from any specific health issue, you should take special precautions. It is advisable to take the suggestion of a physician. If you are allergic to any food items, you should switch over to alternatives.
  • You know the saying: You should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar! This is the oldest weight loss adage which is effective even for today´s generations as well.
  • It is required to ensure that your body will get all vitamins, minerals and proteins as part of the food intake. Vitamin C and other nutrients should be included so that you will improve your immunity level as well and will not suffer from their deficiency while on this special regimen.

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  • Sammy

    Thanks for the helpful tips. I have been on a 1000 calorie diet that hasn’t been working all that good. I like the idea of eating more, but I think I’ll stick to the 1000 calories. I’m sure with this workout I will benefit more from that amount. I love sugar though, so any sweeteners out there that I can’t use, well it’s going to be crazy hard. But I will give it a shot.

  • James

    I’ve never been too great when it comes to diets. But this sounds like I can handle it. Plus 3 days is worth a shot. If I can’t handle the 3 days I have 4 days off, and I can try all over again. That’s quite promising if you ask me. I think I’m going to give this a shot. Usually I’m scared to try new diets out there, but I figure this could be worth a shot.

  • jared9

    I’ve been doing this diet for some time now and let me tell ya, it’s perfection. I’ve tried many other diets out there, and if you must know, this can be counted for the likes of confusing your body. It’s like how with P90x with muscle confusion, well this is kind of like stomach confusion. That’s how I look at it anyways. It works really well and I am happy with the results. Those results being 20 pounds lost already. I will continue to do this diet for a long time. :)

  • nate89

    I am really happy with this diet so far. I decided to workout along with it, and the weight seems to be pouring off. I love it. I am a big guy, well over 250lbs (I don’t keep track these days) and when I started this workout I found I had this crazy amount of energy. So I decided to workout as well. I just get on the elliptical for about a half hour, but I could go longer, so I might go for an hour next time. If it wasn’t for this diet I’d be sitting at my computer for hours on end playing MMOs and doing nothing with my life. I have more confidence too, it’s like it changed my anxieties around and now I’m not stressed as much anymore.

    It’s wonderful! :)

  • Lori R.

    Let me get this straight, you do this low calorie diet for 3 days and then the next 4 days you can enjoy about anything yo want? Sounds promising to me. :) I’ve tried diets in the past, but I could never follow them long enough. If this will allow me to go back to the food I like after 3 days, I will be willing to try it. I figure this goes on for longer than 3 days though right? You do 3 days, take off 4 and then 3 again and then take 4 off and continue the process. Correct?

  • Arnold

    This is the best diet I have ever been on. Diets for me have never been a true success, but this 3 day diet plan is fantastic. I eat healthy for 3 days and the next 4 I just eat a little more, I don’t go for hamburgers and pizza if you’re wondering. I always eat healthy in those 4 days, so it helps.

    The results are stunning though, 25 pounds since starting back in November. Yes November. Word of warning though, you will be hungry a lot during the first 3 days, that’s because you’re trying something new. Once you do this a few weeks, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

    • Andrew

      It’s important that you’ve said that you don’t go for hamburgers or things like that because some people get this whole 3 days on 4 days off thing really wrong. You have to eat healthy all the time not just in those 3 days. The 4 days you are off you need to mind what you eat as well,
      just not as strictly.

  • 3DayMaster

    This is the real deal when it comes to diets. Some may think it’s some sort of gimmick, but no, not true at all. It’s all proven to have worked. This is the diet military recruits do to make sure they keep their muscle, stamina, and strength. The energy I got from this diet is crazy.

    For those who’re heavy, overweight, obese, this diet is worth trying, please do it. You will love yourself for giving it a shot.

  • brem

    I’ve been on the lookout for a diet, and this sounds like it might be just the diet I’m looking for. I’ve been through too many diets. Some worked, but I got tired of eating the same foods over and over. This looks like it may have more leeway and I am really happy about that. I never did a 3 day diet, but I want to give it a shot soon.

  • Abdul

    It’s interesting to see a diet that you only have to follow for almost half the week. I will give it a try just because of that as I’m not the kind of guy that can follow some diet for more than 7 days, but 3 days on and 4 days off sounds like something I could be doing.

  • Andrea

    If I eat a banana and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter I’m pretty good for the next couple of hours. I’m quite petite and don’t need that much food to fill full. I like this diet and I think I will try it just to see how I feel after a couple of weeks. I will be happy if I lose 6 pounds weekly not 10!

  • Raluca

    I think that drinking lots of water is the secret to being healthy or to any kind of diet you undertake. I drink loads of glasses of water daily: think 12+! I usually drink 2 glasses right after waking up in the morning because it fuels me up and sometimes my body is just thirsty after a long sleep!

  • Aurora S.

    This diet sounds good but I have some problems in drinking enough water. I am usually lucky if I can drink 4 water glasses. I know it’s not a good thing but I just can’t make myself drink more. Luckily I
    drink a cup of tea daily so that counts for something, right?