The Ultimate Guide To Hydroxycut

Losing weight can be hard work. When you’re starting a diet and exercise weight loss plan, you may also find yourself looking at dietary supplements that promise to make your efforts easier. However, there are so many products out there, how do you choose one that will actually work?

Hydroxycut Pills

Hydroxycut is an incredibly popular fat loss supplement. It’s been around for almost 20 years and has only been gaining in popularity since it was first released. Although it has been reformulated to remove potentially dangerous ingredients, it is still an effective and commonly chosen diet pill. But why?

This product has been proven to help people lose weight in clinical trials. The company responsible for its development and manufacture strives to only produce high quality nutritional supplements that feature ingredients that are scientifically-backed, and will work for consumers.

In trials and studies, average fat loss of people taking these products was twice as high as that of people taking a placebo.

Although many people experience weight loss when taking these pills, even when they don’t do any additional exercise or calorie restriction, it’s still recommend to reduce caloric intake and partake in some sort of exercise routine.

What Is Hydroxycut?

It is a fat loss supplement that can help you lose more weight than diet alone. It can boost energy, which makes it easier to keep up with your weight loss exercise plan, and also get everything else done in the day. All Hydroxycut products are designed to help you shed pounds, but they are offered in different formulations of the active ingredients. A few of the formulas available today include:

  • Hardcore Elite: Includes green coffee extract and is designed to deliver extreme energy. It is super-thermogenic, which helps you lose weight. It also includes green tea extract and features rapid release capsules that start working quickly.
  • Pro Clinical Gummies: These are an easy-to-take option that feature a great taste of mixed fruit flavor. The gummies are stimulant-free.
  • Sprinkles: These are another alternative for taking this pill. You simply sprinkle a packet of these on your food and enjoy. The sprinkles have no calories and no caffeine. They don’t affect the taste and texture of your food, allowing you to enjoy it like normal.
  • Pro Clinical Instant Drink Mix: It can be a preferred option for people who don’t like to take pills. The Pro Clinical formula allows users to lose more pounds that they would with dieting alone. It also increases energy so you want to exercise more.
  • Pro Clinical Rapid Release: This model of caplets is a simple way to take it and is clinically proven to help people lose fat with almost instant effect.
  • Pro Clinical Advanced: This product features Goji extract, blueberry and pomegranate to increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite, delivering greater fat loss results.

The Creators

Iovate Health Sciences is the company behind the product. The company started to create the quality products made with scientifically-backed ingredients that were missing in the sports nutrition industry.

As early as 1995, Iovate Health Sciences International started their direct-to-consumer mail order business. They offered three different products, one of which was the original formula. They later started selling wholesale to retail customers, giving consumers access to their products more conveniently from their favorite stores.

Iovate Health Sciences employs over 250 employees and is based out of Oakville in Ontario. The company is dedicated to continually developing, researching and creating the highest-quality and most innovative supplements that make the quality of life better for their customers. This pill offers a boost that gives many customers the healthier weight they have always yearned for.

Research & Studies

Research Behind HydroxycutMany people are skeptical about both the safety and effectiveness of this pill. There have been several studies that take a closer look at this product to ensure the highest safety standards, as well as confirm that it really does work.

Studies show that this product can promote safe and effective fat loss.

A 2011 study with 69 participants delivered results that support its performance. Half the participants were given these weight loss pills, while the other half received a placebo. The participants who were taking this pill lost 16.5 lbs. on average over an eight week period, whereas those taking the placebo lost only 2.12 lbs.


There are several different versions, which all include four key ingredients:

  • Alchemilla vulgaris (Lady’s mantle),
  • Olea europaea (wild olive),
  • Cuminum cyminum (cumin),
  • Mentha longifolia (wild mint).

All these are found in most of Hydroxycut’s products. Lady’s mantle may help reduce fluid retention, promoting fat loss while also helping cells heal. Olive extract has been traditionally used as a metabolism inducer, and studies have found it has natural anti-inflammatory uses and can also help lower LDL cholesterol and help blood pressure stabilize. Cumin extract may help your digestive system function better and may also act as appetite suppression. Mint offers many benefits for digestion.


Some products from Hydroxycut also contain Coffea canephora robusta, a green coffee bean extract. This extract may be responsible for weight loss of some individuals, even when they don’t make lifestyle changes. A study in 2010 that used 90 participants, 45 who got green coffee extract and the rest took a placebo. They all ate a reduced calorie diet, and those who took the green coffee extract lost over twice as much weight, on average, compared to those who were taking the placebo.

Green tea is a widely accepted extract that helps promote fat loss for all types of people.


It is very important to carefully read the bottle and packaging before taking the pill. Recommended doses on the product label should not be exceeded. For the best results, you should take it as directed and as part of a complex diet plan. You will achieve more if you combine it with a balanced, calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise.

The instructions state that you should take the pill approximately half an hour before each of your three meals every day. You should also make sure you drink between 8-10 glasses of water each day.

Side Effects

With the most recent version, there are still a few side effect:

  • HeadacheMinor: Increased blood pressure, blurred vision, acne, nose bleeds, hyperactivity, restlessness, headaches, decreased appetite, light headedness, insomnia, nausea, dizziness and stomach upset.
  • Major: There might also still be a risk of liver damage.

If you experience any unusual symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately. If you have any existing or known liver problems, you should not take it at all.

For products that use green coffee extract and other stimulants, users may experience the side effects of caffeine, which causes raised blood pressure, worsening anxiety in people with anxiety disorders, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate and stomach irritation. It’s advised that you do not take more caffeine when you are on this pill. Too much caffeine can make many conditions worse. If you know you have caffeine sensitivity, you should consider using a Hydroxycut product that does not include green tea extract or stimulants.

Where To Find It

Although it started as a direct-to-consumer mail order company, Iovate Health Sciences now distributes their products through a team of retailers. To purchase this product, you can find a retailer online or in your local area. They work with many popular ones. This pill is offered at many health and nutrition specialty stores as well. You can find them at trusted stores like:

The cost varies from product to product. They range from 15.99 USD per bottle to 48.95 USD for two bottle bundles of the Hardcore Elite version.

Other retailers (online) include:

  • The Vitamin Shoppe,
  • Vitacost,
  • Walgreens,
  • CVS,
  • Kmart,
  • Kroger,
  • Meijer,
  • Target,
  • Winn Dixie,
  • Harris Teeter,
  • Albertsons,
  • HEB,
  • Muscle & Strength,

Warnings From The FDA

The FDA does not participate in the evaluation of dietary supplements for either effectiveness or safety. The supplement makers themselves are responsible for documenting adverse reactions and verifying claims. They also have to report any side effects or reactions to the FDA that are “serious.”

FDA Warning

In 2009, those “serious” side effects included various levels of liver issues and jaundice. The people reporting the adverse reactions and liver damage were taking the recommended levels  and had no problems before starting the supplement. Because of this, the FDA recommended that anyone using it at that time should stop taking it.

Iovate Health Sciences voluntarily pulled the products from retail shelves until they could determine what was causing the liver problems. Since then, manufacturer has adjusted their formulas to no longer use HCA, which is the component thought to be the cause of the adverse reactions.

It’s important to note that the FDA has not evaluated the new formulas for safety or any effectiveness.

Hydroxycut advises that anyone who has been treated or diagnosed for a medical condition should seek the advice of their doctor before taking any of their products, and no one under 18 should take these supplements.

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  • rick

    I’m a bit afraid to try anything that the FDA hasn’t themselves allowed. I suppose it’s a good diet supplement since it’s in legitimate stores, but I still worry about such things. It’s nice to see they had fixed the medication to not have the portion that was causing liver problems in people. I figure I should buy one bottle and see where things go, if it doesn’t work, than I can just find something else.

  • Travis

    I’ve heard a lot about Hydroxycut, but I never gave it a chance myself. A friend of mine said it was a good pill to take, she did lose about 30 pounds while taking it with dieting and working out. So I figure it may be worth a shot to check out.

    I have a question. Why doesn’t the FDA test diet pills anyways?

  • Alana

    Hydroxycut has been great to me. I’ve been taking it for some months now, and I’ve lost about 30lbs since starting it. I tried some other supplements and vitamins to help ease my weight loss, but nothing really did anything for me. I even diet and workout, but that alone wasn’t cutting it for me. When I started I had so much energy, still do, and I have never been this energetic ever. Feels pretty rad! :D

  • Franky

    Hydroxycut looks like it might be the diet pill I have been looking for. I used the Dr Oz diet pills a while back, and didn’t really get anything from them. I’m really hoping that Hydroxycut is the diet pill that will finally work for me, because I’m tired of looking for new diet pills and finding that none of them work for me. ugh! :(

  • hydroxyFan

    Everyone, Hydroxycut has changed my life. If it weren’t for hydroxycut, I’d be up in obese standards once again, but today I am not. Today I am now 205 pounds. I used to be 290 pounds. That’s 85 pounds lost. Of course this has been in a years time, but that’s impressive for a years time. My energy level, well it’s up there. My sex drive, is also up there. Had to say it.

    Life has been great. Women notice me, I can run for a long time, I can workout for longer, I build muscle easier. I am just generally really happy. I really hope to get down to 150 pounds very soon, but I’ll take anything below 200 for the time being. Thanks Hydroxycut.

  • Grace

    Hi everyone. I’m Grace. I’ve been struggling with weight problems all of my life and now I can say with the honest truth that I am not struggling anymore. Without hydroxycut I would be lost. My weight has gone down so much since starting it, around 40lbs to be honest. I may not be fit yet, but I’m working my way to it.

    Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say how awesome hydroxycut is.

  • FedUpAnOverWeight

    Okay, first things first ya’ll, I hate my weight, I hate it so much. I tried everything, from dieting and exercise and even other diet pills. I’m fed up with everything. I have considered getting surgery done to reduce my weight, but I prefer not dying on an operating table. Hydroxycut is my last diet pill, if it doesn’t work, I don’t know what I’ll do. There’s too much to deal with these days and I hate it. I’m sorry I’m venting here, but being overweight sucks and not having anything to do about it also sucks. So hopefully I found the diet pill that works. We’ll see.

  • Bret

    Hey there, I’ve been dieting my whole life. I’ve been a heavy man since I was the age of 14. I never really put much effort into fitness and eating healthy, but as of late my health is getting worse and I’m not getting any younger. I think it’s time I jump into a diet and fitness and I will also add in a diet supplement. I hope hydroxycut is the diet pill that can help me. I need all the help I can get.