Truth About XLS Medical: Reviews, Ingredients And Side Effects

With the number of people who are overweight constantly increasing (and a significant number of those being considered as obese) more people are looking for a weight loss solution. There are supplements, diets, medications, and all kinds of “miracles” on the market that claim to be the fast solution to all weight problems.

A new product that is getting popular is called XLS Medical. It enables its user to increase up to three times the regular weight loss accomplished from dieting alone while maintaining its natural origin. What is more, it has been proven effective in clinical testing as well. The usual dosage is three pills that are taken twice each day.

It is crucial to follow dosing instructions properly and to never take more than six pills in a 24-hour period. To get the best results, the user must maintain a healthy diet and watch food intake and be sure to eat well balanced meals. Decreasing caloric intake is also extremely beneficial for your fat loss efforts.

What Is XLS Medical?

XLS Medical Package

It is a weight loss tablet that is made from all natural substances. Due to this fact it does not interfere with the natural processes of yours body. These weight loss pills work best in conjunction with healthy dieting as this combination leads to better and faster effects. They enable the dieter to satisfy their hunger while shedding pounds with the product’s perfectly balanced dieting plan that provides for three meals a day.

How Does It Help You To Lose Fat?

It works as a fat binder. That means it binds fat molecules from the food you consume and then prevents their absorption by your body. By not absorbing the fat, your body will not store those additional calories and hence you will not gain weight. It is that simple.

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Storage of fat from your food is one of the leading causes of weight gain so the fat binder works against that problem. However, using this product does not give you the right to go out and consume as much fat as you want. Instead, you should consume a healthy diet as this will also assist with your fat loss efforts and help you get back on the track to living healthy life.

In other words the pill interacts with the fat to form a fat fiber complex that is too large to make its way through the small intestine’s wall. It is then eliminated from your body naturally through excrement. However, you have to drink adequate amounts of water to prevent constipation.


If you are considering this pill, odds are you want to know what it contains:

  • Litramine: This substance plays main role of this product. It is clinically proven that litramine binds to dietary fats without harmful side effects on your body. More on it here:
  • Vitamin A, D & E: These are other crucial substances included within these pills.
  • Cactus Leaves: This product is actually derived from cactus leaves, which are known to be gentle on body systems and which have been proven as effective help with fat loss.

Side Effects Of This Weight Loss Product

If you want to get this pill, you need to know if there are any side effects related to this pill. According to the manufacturer, since it is from an organic plant source, it is natural and usually well tolerated by the body.

XLS Medical Side Effects

Because it contains a fat binder, it is categorized such as Medical Device Class IIb, which ensures that it has gone through the proper efficacy and safety testing. What is more, it can be purchased over the counter and does not require a prescription.

  • Constipation: Because it does contain significant amounts of fiber, some users could suffer from constipation if enough water is not consumed.
  • Stomach Pain/Flatulence: There have been a few very rare cases of flatulence or stomach pain reported. Because it is an all natural made, it should be gentle on yours digestive tract. Therefore, another positive aspect of use of the product is that it should not cause irritation to the digestive system and it should not result in allergic reactions, such as rashes or itching.

Proper Dosage And Use

The recommendation is to never exceed more than six pills per day. In addition, the Medical Device Directive suggests a rest period when you will not use this medication that lasts three to five days after every 30 days of consumption.

In addition, it should not be used by anyone younger than 18. Anyone younger than that who needs to lose some pounds should see a professional. Also the product should not be used by anyone who has a body mass index (BMI) that is lower than 18.

User Experience

XLS Medical has numerous positive reviews. Literally hundreds of users have claimed that they have experienced significant weight loss after having used this product. In addition, many users have claimed to experience no side effects or negative results while using it. Basically, it has gotten rave reviews.

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Even clinical studies have indicated that this product is effective and has a high success rate. Many doctors are also endorsing it for safe, effective weight loss. Some users have presented that they feel different and can tell the product is working as soon as two weeks after beginning taking these pills. Others have noted weight loss as soon as 30 days after getting on board with the program.

Getting The Best Results

According to users and the manufacturer, there are three simple steps to follow to ensure you will experience the best results possible.

  1. ExercisingDosing: Follow dosing instructions and take six tablets each day. Some recommend taking three tablets twice each day, once in the morning and the other one in the evening. Others recommend taking two tablets with each meal for a total of three times per day. Whichever you choose, do not exceed six tablets per day.
  2. Lifestyle: The next step is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This means to eat the right foods and ensure that your body gets all nutrients it needs. What is more, everyone should have an exercise program in place that fits their needs, abilities, and health. Although it is proven to be effective, you have to keep in mind that it is not a miracle pill and it does not work without maintaining physical activity and good eating habits.
  3. Water: And, last but not least, make sure that you consume an adequate amount of water each day. Because of the high fiber content in the tablets, one can easily become constipated. Water consumption prevents constipation and helps keep the body systems operating smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are considering to lose weight with this diet pill you probably are interested in learning more about its cost. Surprisingly, this product is actually quite affordable. Sold in boxes of 180 tablets, the price average is around 35 British pounds per box. That breaks down to 18 or 19 cents per tablet. So for a day’s dose of six pills, the cost would be between a dollar and a dollar and a half. That is not so bad.

Where Can I Make Purchase?

The product can be purchased at various pharmacies and retail stores. It is also available from various online retailers, including:

  • Tesco
  • Lloyds Pharmacy
  • Boots
  • Superdrug
  • McCabes
  • Unicarepharmacy
  • HealthExpress Pharmacy
  • Doc Morris Pharmacy
  • HealthWise
  • McCauley and other online vendors.

Additional Information

Many people want to know how much weight they can expect to lose when taking this product. The place to start is by calculating the suggested calories intake for your weight and size. On average, a woman should consume 2,000 calories per day while a man should consume about 2,500 calories per day.

Skinny Body With XLS Medical

By consuming just 500 calories less per day, and by taking this pill as recommended, an individual could lose up to three times more weight than they would have lost just by reducing caloric intake. Those results can become reality in just 12 weeks.

Many people may want to know when they will start seeing weight loss and begin to reap the benefits. People see measurable results within four weeks or one month. For the best read results, expect to wait about 12 weeks.

In conclusion, if you are serious about weight loss and want to try this all natural product that is proven to be effective for safe, efficient weight loss while not resulting in any negative side effects, this product may be the perfect solution to your needs.

It is affordable, effective and safe, so there is no need to not to give it a try. If you have tried those “miracle” products before and found out they are not really “miracles,” maybe it is time for you to consider an effective, natural product that encourages a healthy lifestyle while helping you lose weight and feel better about yourself. XLS Medical may be precisely that thing what you need to start feeling rejuvenated and regain your energy levels once again.

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    Once I start the dieting pills and say month later I reached my target of weight loss would I have to keep taking the pills or if I stop will I just pile the weight back on? I’ve brought a pack and they wernt cheap so I need to know the answer to this question before I start them tempted to get that slim body back!! :)